Know the Truth (No Matter How Beautiful)

Spending time with the artist Robert Feuge was an opportunity to see what can result from being very careful with "yes," and not being afraid of "no." He said "yes" to his creative ambitions and "yes" to the challenges that accompany the decision to call oneself an artist, despite all of the "no's" he heard early in his career: "no, that's not good, you're not talented, you'll never make a living this way."  Hah!  In this short documentary I shot with Nate Clarke of Fourthline Films, along with Chris Payne and Scott Goff, Robert shares the best advice he's ever received, which I still remember despite hearing him say it almost 2 years ago.  Here's the film, just released this week as another installment of the Box Canyon Sessions:

Robert Feuge plays with junk. When we visited him in his Fredericksburg, Texas, studio, he pulled out piece after piece of salvaged material, roadside kill (one of his artworks features dove’s wings), and plenty of wood, mostly wilted local oak. “[With] virtually everything I look at,” Robert explained, “I ask the question: ‘What else can that thing be?’” We reunited in the Box Canyon a few days later. Robert brought along junk store spoons he had purchased and hammed, along with some clay. He put on his beret and went to work. We spent the rest of the day watching a grown man play. For more, visit

And here's the crew, standing (and sitting) in awe of Robert's art...