John Harrison is a cinematographer based in Seattle. In 2002 he saw James Longley's documentary GAZA STRIP and was moved by its remarkable combination of beautiful images and deeply human moments.  Since then, his work has been strongly influenced by other great vérité filmmakers, especially the Maysles Brothers, Frederick Wiseman, and Haskell Wexler's work in MEDIUM COOL.  Films by Malick, Lubezki, Elswit, Van Sant, and Savides have also been inspirational. 

John's films have screened in the world’s most prestigious film festivals and won numerous awards, including an Oscar Nomination for the film KAVI (Best Live-Action Short Film Nominee, 2010) and the Student Academy Award for VIOLA (2008). He is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s film production program (MFA, 2008), the University of Washington’s department of Spanish (BA, 2003), and is (still) proud to say he made the All-League Honorable Mention Team for soccer as a senior in high school. 

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